~ About Me ~

When I first started out in photography I never thought weddings would be the direction I would take. But not long after photographing my first wedding back in 2011, I was hooked. It’s such an honour to be invited into someone’s life for a day to witness something so special and precious.

Every wedding I photograph becomes a small part of my life in different ways, so I always put my heart and soul into my work. I treat all of my wedding work like personal work because it means so much to me.

How I Work

... on a less serious note,

Weddings are fun and I'm so lucky I get to go to so many of them! While I usually hang back and try to blend into my surroundings on a wedding day, I'm definitely not invisible. Blending in helps the day occur naturally, but I also like to think I bring a positive vibe where ever I can. I'm always up for a chat with anyone because I believe the more relaxed people are the better the photos become.

I want to you, your partner and your guests to have the best day possible so I'm always there with a smile and a positive attitude. If I can steer the day into an even more loving, fun and memorable way, even if it's just by 10%, it's totally worth it.

I love photographing weddings.

Here's a bunch of other (un-wedding related) things that I love too:
- Hiking, adventuring, exploring the outdoors
- Music (both playing and listening)
- Travel
- Family
- Learning about new things (I get to meet so many people in different walks of life so I'm always keen to learn from others)

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