I’m excited to announce I’m now offering videography alongside my photography services!  I wanted to create the “one-stop-shop” for anything photo/video related to make it as easy as possible for you.  It was really important to me that the style of both photography and videography match each other so you can have the relaxed/stress-free day that you’ve always wanted.

Save $1,700

Full Day Video Coverage

$ 2,000$ 3,700
  • Highlight Film
  • Ceremony & Reception Edit
  • Preparations
  • Ceremony
  • Candid moments
  • Portraits
  • Reception Speeches
  • First Dance
  • Dancefloor

Your wedding highlight film will be sure to bring back all the memories and emotions from your wedding day.  It’s all filmed in a natural/candid style with an absolute minimum amount of posing/staged shots.  Vow’s and speeches are used to help tell the story with beautiful instrumental music in the background.

Alongside the highlight film, you’ll also receive an edit of the ceremony and reception.  It’s not quite as fun and exciting as the highlight film (since it’s probably 1 hour long) but it will be a perfect archive to have in the years to come.


How does shooting video work alongside photography?

When it comes to photography, I almost always shoot weddings by myself. However with the addition of video, it becomes a bit trickier to capture it all at once.  Because of this, there will be a second shooter at your wedding who will mostly manage all things video (especially when it comes to setting up tripods to capture ceremony/speeches etc).  I still make mostly all of the creative decisions on the day.

How much of the day needs to be recorded?

For most of the day, photography will take priority as I believe it’s more important to capture photos of people/moments/details etc.  For the video, only the key moments of the day need to be captured to put together the highlight film.  This also ensures things stay candid/natural so you don’t feel the pressure of a video camera always being around.

How long will it take to receive our video?

You’ll receive your wedding video not long after you’ve received all of your photos.  Usually about 6 weeks after your wedding day.

Can we choose a song for our video?

For the highlight film I prefer to choose instrumental songs that suit the mood of the scene. Licensing commercial songs can be expensive and you often can’t share them on social media (they usually get flagged for copyright). However, for the ceremony/reception edit, I’ll use whichever song you chose on the day. For example: the song you walked down the aisle to will be included.

Can we share our highlight film on social media?

Absolutely!  I provide both a link to stream and a link to download it to your computer.