So, you're getting married?

My style of wedding photography can be described as “documentary” or “photo-journalistic”.  For most of the day I’ll be a fly on the wall, observing what’s happening.  I don’t like to setup or construct any moments.  I’m always looking for that special “moment between moments”.  It’s the little things others might not notice that I love to look for.  I relish the challenge at every wedding.  Using my camera to help tell stories is the main reason I got hooked on photographing weddings in the beginning.  While the whole wedding day itself is a story, there are so many little ones that that I’m always looking and listening for.

Every photographer works differently so it’s important to find the right match for you.  If you’re attracted to candid, natural looking images or you cringe at the idea of doing a “mock cake cut”, then you’re probably on the right path here.

The mood and flow of a wedding day can change a lot of the course of the day. Like in a story-book, I think the best way to show the flow is in chapters…

~ The Complete Story ~

As you can imagine, after a big day of shutter clicking there will be quite a substantial number of photos taken.  My job then is to sit down, sort through them all and start piecing together what I captured into a actual story.  Beginning, middle and end. The two best ways to present your story are with a digital slideshow and a printed wedding album.

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Q.  We aren’t great in front of the camera…  Can you not do too many “posed” photos?
A.  I’m not a fan of “posed” photos either.  Most of the day will be pure documentary,  where I just let you do your thing.  The portrait part of the day (between the ceremony and reception) will be the most “posed” part of the day, but I know lots of ways to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera.  Plus I promise we’ll have some fun too.

Q. Will there be a second photographer or will it just be you at our wedding?
A. I’ve found I can comfortably cover a wedding on my own.  Having a second photographer is only necessary sometimes if the wedding is particularly large or the logistics might be difficult.  If that is the case,  I can organise a second photographer.

Q. How long will it take to receive our images?
A. I aim to have your wedding slideshow ready about one month after your wedding.  The rest of the photos will be ready shortly after this.

Q.  Do you edit your photos much?
A.  I edit all of my photos, but I only to enhance what has already been captured.  I want my work to stand the test of time and not look “dated” after a certain editing style becomes old.  For example,  remember when people first got Instagram and went really heavy on the filters?  I’d like to avoid that.

Q.  How long will you stay at our wedding?
A.  My “All-Day” coverage means I’ll be there for all the good stuff.  Normally I’ll pack up and head off once I’ve got enough to tell the story comprehensively or when the party is winding down.  I NEVER leave before your first dance.

Q.  What is required to book you in?
A.  Once we’ve had a chat about what you’ve got planned,  I’ll send out an online booking form and contract.  All of this can be done online.  Then it’s just the deposit of 1/3 of the total amount to secure the date.

Q.  I’d like some more information and to see if you’re available for our wedding?
A.  Get in touch now with a few details via email and we’ll start a conversation.