Minutes : Short Film (2010)

Any given time, at any given place in the world, the hands of time are busily ticking away. Think of somewhere you have been, or somewhere you know. Right now, time has not paused or stopped, even if nobody is there. “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around, does it make a sound?”

For millions of years, mother nature has continued to exist. Landscapes are constantly shaping and re-shaping. The oceans waves are always rolling in. We are alive for a moment, one second in the great abyss of time. Just one blink of an eye. Our existence seems so insignificant and un-important when compared to time itself.

“Minutes” uses time lapse photography combined with “tilt shift style” photography techniques to make this more easily understood. From this strange view of the world, everything seems much simpler. People seem insignificant to what’s really going on around them. The complex nature of the world is transformed into mere childsplay.

“Minutes” is just a small snapshot of a tiny section of the world. It shows that yes we are small, and yes we do appear insignificant to the ‘big picture’. But it also shows that the ‘big picture’ is a beautiful one.

I completed “Minutes” in 2010 as a personal project. The film was created with entirely still images. Almost all footage (with the exception of a few scenes in Hong Kong) were captured in South-East Queensland, Australia.